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Vision Healthcare Services, Inc.

Vision Healthcare Services, Inc. is a Full-Scale Medical Staffing Company and a reputable Homecare Service Provider. Over the last eight years, we have worked hard to build a distinct group of trusted customers and employees. We have examined a large pool of personnel and have met numerous acquaintances and we have retained only the best in the industry. If you are looking to utilize the services of experienced, seasoned, and clinically astute nurses and allied health personnel who would always be true to you regardless of the circumstance, you may contact us. We promise to deliver the best possible care to whoever needs our services at the best possible price. However, if we encounter any undesired situation or untoward effect, we would promptly bring it to your attention and deal with it accordingly, we would not shield any errors or omissions to protect our image.

We vow to impress you with how we operate. Our Commitment to quality Care remains the same, whether it be a Healthcare Facility looking for Therapists, Registered Nurses, Licensed Nurses, Nurses' Aides, or Home Health Aides to supplement their staffing needs, or an insurance Company or Private Household seeking for us to care for an older loved one, a disabled child or adult, or an injured worker.

Vision Healthcare Services, Inc has been contracted by different State Agencies for the purpose of providing Homecare Services to various citizens of our Community. We are indeed one of the trusted Homecare Providers for Area Agency on Aging, United Cerebral Palsy and Centers for Independent Living of Central Pennsylvania.

We conveniently service numerous counties in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Delaware, and Minnesota.

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(717) 545-6637 or (800) 573-4619

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